And here it is, folks, Deep Space Nine‘s first real Prime Directive episode. An alien life form is introduced. Some aspect of its culture is abhorrent to us. The challenge: help without interfering.

All of this is fairly run-of-the-mill Trek material. It’s handled in an interesting way; the mystery of who and what Tosk is is good for generating some mild suspense. We are given more insight into Sisko’s character when, after giving a stern talking-to to O’Brien about interfering, we realize that O’Brien would not have succeeded in helping his new friend if it hadn’t been for Sisko’s help.

armed invaders of DSN in battle

Mighty Morphin' Tosk Hunters


  • Why isn’t the computer set up to either (a) not tell complete strangers where the weapons are stored on the station, or (b) at least notify Odo, the head of security, that someone was asking about the weapons? Seems like that would be a useful function.
  • Why do the people who are hunting Tosk look like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers?
  • Great line by Odo: “Rom is an idiot. He couldn’t fix a straw if it was bent.”