Like the last episode, this one opens with a conversation between Cdr. Sisko and his son Jake. This sets up the B story, which involves Jake and his Ferengi friend Nog. The A story also involves the Ferengi, making this a “Ferengi episode.”

Josh and I were pretty excited to watch this one, as it introduces us to a Ferengi VIP, Grand Nagus Zek, played by the excellent Wallace Shawn who will reprise the role with much hilarity as the series continues. Consider this a warm-up. We get some deep insight into Ferengi culture, but the laughs aren’t as plentiful as they will be in later episodes with the Grand Nagus.

I like the interplay here between the A story and the B story. Sisko tries to explain to Jake how different the Ferengi are, and how they don’t share human values. The various machinations on display between Zek, his son, his various sycophants, and Quark serve to illustrate those cultural differences pretty clearly. The resolution of the Jake/Nog story here is touching and provides a nice counterpoint to the ruthless behavior of the adult Ferengi in the A story.

Quark and Grand Nagus Zek

"I was really looking forward to retirement!"


  • GREAT makeup on Wallace Shawn. Awesome ear hair!
  • Tube grubs? “Perfectly chilled!”
  • That weird creature that Quark is petting while holding court turns this scene into a combination of The Godfather and Return of the Jedi.