Wow, talk about shades of grey. I’m not sure I agree with the outcome of this episode. Was justice served? I guess Croden was acting in self-defense when he killed the Miradorn Ro-Kel. And I guess we’re supposed to feel all warm inside that he did it all for his daughter. But I worry that this episode is putting forward the argument that the ends justify the means. Maybe it’s merely suggesting that you find out all the facts before making a judgment.

Anyway, we finally get some tantalizing clues about Odo’s origins, though they don’t amount to much: just some rumors and legends, and an amulet with a shape-shifting key that could be somehow related to Odo’s people. But Odo’s interest, as well as my own, was certainly piqued. It’s yet another gamma-quadrant mystery waiting to be solved!

I enjoyed the moment when Odo is questioning Quark and Rom after Croden kills Ro-Kel. Odo chooses his questions carefully, leaving certain things unspoken… until Rom decides to connect the dots and speak up:

Rom: How DARE you suggest that my brother set up this robbery!

Odo: What an interesting theory, Rom!

Rom is always good for some extra comic relief!