Josh and I watched this with Jeannine who lives 2000 miles away. We synchronized our playback and then chatted while the episode was playing…

8:10 PM

Joshua has joined

Jeannine has joined

me: okay, we’re cued up and ready to press play baby

8:11 PM

Jeannine: us too, giggle

me: just type NOW when you start the episode

Jeannine: now

me: whee!

8:12 PM

Joshua: There’s Morn in the background.

me: a Morn sighting!!!  someone should chronicle those…

Jeannine: yes!

Quark offers Odo his services

"I could create a shape-shifter playmate for you! The two of you could uh... intermingle!"

Jeannine: Hee hee, “Intermingle!”

8:13 PM

me: I love how they’re unafraid to be blunt about the fact that Quark’s holodecks are largely used for sexual programs!

8:14 PM

Joshua: Dumb old Julian still pining for Jadzia… ugh.

Jeannine: Yeaahh!

8:15 PM

Jadzia has some advice for Julian

Jadzia has some advice for Julian

Jeannine: Sonic shower!

me: zero chemistry

Joshua: It’s more that he’s just too smarmy for her.

8:16 PM

Jeannine: yes!

Jeannine: iPad!

iPad or Kindle

iPad... or Kindle?

me: ugh! I HATE this little girl!

Joshua: You hate Molly?

me: I don’t like the “actress”

Jeannine: You have no heart.

8:17 PM

More sexual references!

This is a hot episode.

Joshua: Miles and Keiko are the sauciest couple in Star Trek history.

8:18 PM

me: wait for it…!  eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Jeannine: What the &^$%#


8:19 PM

Joshua: It’s Sophia from the Golden Girls!


Rumpelstiltskin? Or imagination alien?

Jeannine: I thought this was supposed to be a good episode.

Joshua: NO it’s supposed to be a terrible one! He he!

Jeannine: Ooooo you….

Joshua: Maybe Aeren will like it. 🙂

8:20 PM

Jeannine: yes

me: okay, credits are ending

8:21 PM

Joshua: Rumpel’s gonna bust up the joint.

Jeannine: LOL

Miles hands Molly to Keiko

Miles: "Keiko, take Molly! Get her out of here!" Molly: "Wheeee!"

me: Okay, look at that crazy grin on Molly’s face when Miles hands her to Keiko so he can deal with Rumpelstiltskin! It’s like everyone else is acting, and they’re just hoping that little girl doesn’t screw up the scene too badly so they can use the footage! ALL her scenes are like that. That’s why I don’t like her.

me: security just walked in

8:22 PM

Jeannine: Always have to call the Commander for EVERYTHING!

“We have a fictitious character on board!”

8:23 PM

Now what the crap?

8:24 PM

me: HELLO!

the real Dax arrives

The Doublemint Twins!

we have two Daxes!!!

Jeannine: OOPS!

Joshua: Two Jadzias… that’s hot.

me: lol

Joshua: Srsly.

me: I like how Sisko just cuts right through the crap.

Jeannine: Sisko is so calm

me: technobabble time!!!

8:27 PM

Joshua: That’s why they had to make Julian lay it on so thick in the beginning, so that it seems reasonable that his fantasy would be Jadzia.

me: makes sense.

Jeannine: AH HA! They have a weakness.

8:28 PM

Sub-space disruption!

Joshua: Why couldn’t it just be a “terran emu” for once?

Odo meets an emu on the Promenade

If it walks like an emu and talks like an emu...

me: yeah, really!!! As if earth animals aren’t exotic enough! That could have been a great lesson for any kids watching…

8:29 PM

Joshua: “Please refrain from using your imaginations!”

me: woo! gender-neutral awareness!

Jeannine: Wow… this is the sexiest Star Trek I’ve ever seen.

8:30 PM

Joshua: What was gender neutral?

me: when Odo said “ladies and gentlemen… and all androgynous creatures”

Jeannine: androgynous!

Joshua: like Morn

8:31 PM

Odo is pretty androgynous himself.

me: she’s so reasonable and mature!

and then…


Joshua: Cat fight!

8:32 PM


me: rrroooowwwrrrrrrr

Jeannine: OOO, bitch-slap time

Joshua: They’re going to end up having sex.

me: nuh-uhh


Jeannine: Who, the two Daxes…COOL

8:33 PM

me: It looks like a massive, flowering vulva

Jeannine: LOL



Joshua: It’s exploding with inner beauty.

Jeannine: Penetrating!

8:34 PM

Joshua: Rumpelstiltskin feels left out. 😦

8:35 PM

Joshua: Oh good, the rupture might just be folded space of some sort.

8:36 PM

me: what a bizarre character…

why a baseball player?

Jeannine: Cause Sisko likes baseball so much?

8:37 PM

me: I guess it fleshes out Sisko’s character quite a bit

Joshua: Because they have to make Sisko seem American.

8:38 PM

Ahhh, an alien plot!

me: how original

Jeannine: There’s a plan!!

me: it’s plan 9 from outer space!

Jeannine: da!

8:39 PM

me: flux density!

8:40 PM

yes, evacuate the pylons, because the REST of the station is so much safer

Joshua: Kira’s losing it!

8:41 PM

me: she was struck dumb

Kira sees flames

Flames, on the side of my face...

Jeannine: lol

I like that mustard colored outfit

8:42 PM

me: Odo’s???

Joshua: Quark is all hot and bothered.

This is a very sexy episode indeed.

me: or Quark’s brunette friend?

Odo, Quark, and two scantily-clad ladies

Is it me, or is it a bit nipply in here?

Jeannine: There’s a woman that passes by the camera once in a while.

Joshua: Odo is the mustard.

8:43 PM

Jeannine: I can’t tell the color of the brunette’s costume… it’s too small!

me: gold

Jeannine: Maybe Odo’s is more of a Dijon.

Joshua: Odo is spicy mustard.


8:44 PM

me: this is kind of a neat scene. I like how Sisko appears like an angel on his shoulder.

8:45 PM

Jeannine: Trippy

8:46 PM

me: direction: “okay, everyone stare at the oval up there on the wall and look REALLY serious. ACTION!”

8:47 PM

lots of technobabble

8:48 PM

Jeannine: Race against time

me: yep

Jeannine: I’m with Kira, what the hell does that mean?


8:49 PM

Can they just hyperspeed out of there?

me: only if it served the plot…

Jeannine: hee hee

8:50 PM

me: it’s all just “drama because we look and sound serious”… none of the dialogue MEANS anything.

but then again, to a layman, the same could be said about E.R.

Jeannine: yeah

me: gasp! It’s bargaining time!

8:51 PM

Jeannine: It’s coming together…

me: aaaaaaannnnd cooler heads prevail…

8:52 PM

8:53 PM

Jeannine: Awwwww

And Dax is OK

me: so this is a Star Trek version of the “it was all a dream!” plot.

8:54 PM

Jeannine: That was odd… they were acting like they had a motive but we’ll never know.

me: well, maybe a little bit of explanation

Jeannine: Oh, here it comes

Sisko gets answers

Sisko gets some answers

I would be pissed!

8:55 PM

me: how can you have emotions and not have imagination?

8:56 PM

Jeannine: The end!

me: well that’s it…

Jeannine: it was a light episode

8:57 PM

me: Yeah, this is one I would consider “non-essential” to anyone who was just trying to get the “grand arc” storyline.

8:58 PM

Jeannine: Right. It didn’t do much but play with Dax and Bashir’s relationship

8:59 PM

me: I guess you could consider this a “character development” episode.

we learn more about Sisko’s love of baseball. We see more of Quark and Odo interacting (in the beginning)

Jeannine: Everyone got to have a snog except Odo!

9:00 PM

Poor guy

me: things change for him as time goes on…

Jeannine: oh good

9:01 PM

me: I guess this one’s okay as a character development episode. I just wish the actual story weren’t so weak.

9:03 PM

Joshua: If this isn’t the worst episode, what is?

Jeannine: Yes, the aliens were corny

me: Move Along Home was worse. I can at least tolerate watching this one repeatedly

Jeannine: Yes, Move Along Home was AWFUL!