One evening my husband and I were flipping channels trying to find something to watch. He said, “I wish we could watch Deep Space Nine.” And I thought, “yeah, I haven’t seen that in quite a while… it WOULD be good to watch that again. In fact, I’d like to watch ALL of it again!” So I said, “let’s do that… let’s watch the whole thing, and blog about every single episode!” He looked at me like I’m crazy.

I was a senior in high school when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. I had grown up watching reruns of the original series, and I was mildly excited about this new one. Like many, I received it with mixed feelings. Some of it was good, but some was downright silly. Remember the male extras walking down corridors in mini-skirts?

Man in Star Trek miniskirt uniform

Not quite long enough to pass as a kilt...

By the time Star Trek: Deep Space Nine came out in 1993, ST:TNG had been on for six years and had overcome its first couple of underwhelming seasons to develop a loyal fan base and garner strong reviews. The bar had been set; would DS9 clear it?

I was just finishing college when DS9 premiered. I was again underwhelmed. The religious themes didn’t appeal to me, and I was worried that a Star Trek show based on a space station would be too static and would lack the adventure of actually flying around in space, visiting a different world each week. I watched the show sporadically until around the third or fourth season. Most fans of the show know what happens around that time, and how the show changed. I was hooked!

While I tried to catch every episode, I couldn’t quite. I was in the Navy then and didn’t always have the opportunity to watch TV. I did manage to catch most of the final season, and I even had a neighbor tape the series finale for me and mail it to me on deployment in the Middle East! I knew that one day I’d have to go back and watch it all from beginning to end.

Which is exactly what I did in 2005. I had finished business school and was living in Anniston, Alabama, doing a paid management internship at a local hospital. My friends and family were back in Texas, so I upgraded my Netflix membership to five-at-a-time and set about watching DS9. I really liked it. I came to appreciate how much more nuanced it was than TNG. Of all the series that came after the original, DS9 had become my favorite.

And here we are in 2011. It has been a while since I’ve seen any episodes of DS9. So why not? I’m going to try to watch every episode of the series, from start to finish, and write a blog entry about every one. I’m not going to try to write reviews. I may say what I like and don’t like, or I may focus on comparing my present impressions with my impressions on first viewing almost 20 years ago. Maybe this will be interesting; maybe it will be a crashing bore. Only one way to find out…