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S01E12: Vortex

Wow, talk about shades of grey. I’m not sure I agree with the outcome of this episode. Was justice served? I guess Croden was acting in self-defense when he killed the Miradorn Ro-Kel. And I guess we’re supposed to feel all warm inside that he did it all for his daughter. But I worry that this episode is putting forward the argument that the ends justify the means. Maybe it’s merely suggesting that you find out all the facts before making a judgment.

Anyway, we finally get some tantalizing clues about Odo’s origins, though they don’t amount to much: just some rumors and legends, and an amulet with a shape-shifting key that could be somehow related to Odo’s people. But Odo’s interest, as well as my own, was certainly piqued. It’s yet another gamma-quadrant mystery waiting to be solved!

I enjoyed the moment when Odo is questioning Quark and Rom after Croden kills Ro-Kel. Odo chooses his questions carefully, leaving certain things unspoken… until Rom decides to connect the dots and speak up:

Rom: How DARE you suggest that my brother set up this robbery!

Odo: What an interesting theory, Rom!

Rom is always good for some extra comic relief!


S01E04: A Man Alone

The plot of this episode isn’t very important; in fact, it’s rather silly (a murder mystery with some mumbo-jumbo about DNA and genetic drift). But this episode features some great character development. We learn more about Trills by way of conversations between Dax and Sisko, and between Dax and Bashir. We also learn more about Odo and his current relationship with the Bajorans on the station, a situation made volatile by Odo’s continuation in the role he held under the Cardassians as constable of the station. Finally, some minor mischief on the part of Jake Sisko and Quark’s nephew Nog leads Keiko O’Brien to open a school on the station, thus finding a place for herself in her new home.

I think the writers did a nice job of incorporating every major character into this episode. The characters interact in organic ways, and the different plot arcs inform each other as well. They are also doing a good job continuing to answer questions about the main characters that were set up in the pilot. In the last episode, we examined Major Kira’s loyalties. In this one, we learn a little more about Odo. Probably one of the most important things we learn about him is from his biggest nemesis on the station: Quark. Listen carefully to what Quark says in Odo’s defense. It’s not at all what you’d expect to hear, which makes their relationship so much more interesting!

More thoughts:

  • Jadzia identifies Bashir without looking at him as he walks into the room: a nod to Dune?
  • They misspelled Aron Eisenberg‘s name in the opening credits (they left out the b)
  • Sisko and Odo have a pissing contest; guess who wins?! (A safe bet would be on the commander of the station…)
  • The killer is revealed as his mask (which covers his entire head) is ripped off! A nod to Mission: Impossible?