Oh yeah, this is the good stuff! Now this is what I’m talking about. A pure DS9 episode that’s character-centered, with no technobabble or countdowns to disaster!

Sisko and Dax

This is just a nice episode all around. In the best of Trek traditions, it explores some interesting ideas about personhood and identity. TNG had its “Cdr. Data on Trial” episode; now it’s Dax’s turn. Only now the question isn’t “is it a person”, but “is it the SAME person?”

But first a little bit of action. I like how well thought-through this is. The abductors are using devices to override the station’s security. This has ramifications later, as it pisses off the Bajorans, who are ultimately responsible for deciding whether Dax will be extradited.

After that brief dose of action to hook you in, this episode evolves into a courtroom drama as Sisko tries to save Jadzia from extradition to a planet where she faces the death penalty. My only real issue with this episode is that Dax won’t say anything to save herself. I don’t buy it that she’s keeping some oath of secrecy that Curzon made thirty years prior.


  • Raktagino makes its first DS9 appearance in this episode!
  • Dr. Bashir is a poorly-trained officer if his first instinct is to run into a fight where he’s outnumbered and NOT immediately call security for help. His communication device is ON HIS CHEST; how hard could it be?
  • I really like Anne Haney‘s no-nonsense Bajoran arbiter (judge). She has some good lines.
  • Fans of Lost will recognize the actress who plays Enina Tandro.
  • This actor who plays the Trill witness is like a robot. Weird.
  • It’s amusing that a recurring theme in season one is Julian Bashir’s arrogance and naïveté! Poor Dr. Bashir just walks right into that cross-examination trap.
  • “Live a long, fresh, and wonderful life!” Great line!