Q and VashThis is probably my least favorite episode so far. I totally get why they wrote a Q episode. I even get why they brought back Vash, Picard’s love interest from an earlier TNG episode played by the wonderful Jennifer Ketrick. They were trying to attract TNG viewers to DS9. Unfortunately, I think this episode relies a little too much on the viewer’s good will and fondness of Q, and not enough on good storytelling. If you completely removed the Q elements and just had this story be about a trader from the other side of the wormhole bringing back artifacts of questionable origin to auction on the station, it would have been a fairly standard Trek episode, especially with its “life exists in forms you’ve never even thought of!!!” ending. The addition of Q and all his… Q-ness… makes this feel more like an episode of TNG than DS9. The sad thing is that this isn’t even good as a Q episode. All his bickering with Vash really just goes nowhere rather quickly. In a good Q episode, Q himself is funny, and the reactions he gets from others are also funny. None of it seems very funny here, which is a waste.

The funny in this episode comes from Armin Shimerman as Quark. His tête-à-têtes with Vash are entertaining as we watch to see who can out-manipulate the other! It’s a good thing Vash is well-practiced at oo-mox!

Vash performs oo-mox on Quark

"You have a talent for oo-mox!"