Site Organization

I plan to create “categories” (WordPress parlance) for each season. I will also have categories for each major character. If an episode’s A-story focuses primarily on one character, then my post for that episode will be in that character’s category. For example, if a season two episode could clearly be called “a Chief O’Brien episode” (even though other characters are present), then the post about that episode would be in the Season Two category and the Chief O’Brien category.

Minor characters will be noted using tags. All posts about episodes featuring Garak will be tagged “Garak”, for example.

For an explanation of episode numbering and how it applies to my posts, see A Brief Word About Episode Numbering.

I haven’t decided yet whether the episodes dealing with Sisko’s role as Emissary should be designated with a tag or a category. Let me know if you have an opinion on the matter.